Pinnacle Training Group  Developer of Proactive Frontline and other training programs designed to assist bank personnel to develop their sales skills.   http://www.pinnacletraininggroup.com/
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Quest Analytics uses automated data mining technology to uncover hidden sales leads and deliver them to your sales force each day. Banks and Credit Unions use Quest to succeed in developing a customer centric sales culture by reaching out to each customer at the exact time when they need your banking services.


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Bank Performance Strategies enables banks to use processes, products, and analytic tools to sell CDs to retail customers, presenting value that goes beyond rate alone, BPS clients are able to present their products in a consultative sales approach to the depositors and demonstrate that they are the financial professionals in their market.  BPS consistently creates a 10-40 basis point improvement in cost of funds so banks experience improved earnings, enhanced employee professionalism and morale, and positively impress deposit customers.  In 2013 Bank Perfomance Strategies announced the issuance of a U.S. patent for its proprietary product, CDtwo®, that combines the security of a FDIC or NCUA-insured CD with the power of an investment holders can actively manage like a bond without penalty.  (To see full press release, see the News section of our website.)             www.bank-ps.com

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Radius Trak—gives investors access to community bank properties where they appear on a comprehensive, nationwide database.  It also contains a link to the bank’s web site where bank-owned properties are listed.  For banks without their own property for sale site, it provides them with their own branded “Properties for Sale” section of Radius Trak’s site.  A new feature is being developed that would allow investors to create bulk purchases, or pool assets from among listed properties.   http://www.radiusoreo.com/

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