Community-based financial institutions have weathered difficult times in the past few years.  If you are a survivor, congratulations!   At CBSS we feel that it is time to think about not just surviving, but thriving.  We have organized a menu of services to help you where you most feel the pain of today’s challenges, and to capitalize on opportunities in a fast changing world of financial services.  

While not every solution is the right fit for each bank, we feel there should be a way to present alternative solutions so that informed choices can be made.   We have first listed several complimentary Suites of Services that can be built into cost-saving, customized programs for your institution.  A ‘La Carte Services offered by our associates and partners are also listed here.  Our goal is to deliver what best works for you, so feel free to call with any questions. 

Suites of Services


REO/Special Assets Management & Liquidation Program

For those who still have REO or problem loans, CBSS has partnered with Radius Trak/Radius Group to offer a turnkey program to manage your remaining special assets and bring structured closure.  Whether you are currently using a dedicated SAG team or other personnel, our cost-effective alternative takes over the load of dealing with the remaining mix of assets so your team can focus on sourcing new revenue.  Compared with your current operation costs, our program may even produce net savings for your institution.

  • Absorbing members of your SAG unit into our team results in
    • Cost-efficiency of a virtual organization and effectiveness of local boots on ground
    • Employees are not on your bank’s unemployment role or score
  • Support from behind-the-scenes CBSS team members
    • Coordinated by experienced asset manager and compliance attorney, Michael Paul
    • Loan trader, Craig Sherman, world-class distressed asset liquidation/analysis specialist
      • Associates with experience assisting with FDIC Shared-Loss Agreements
      • Ongoing compliance surveillance
      • Support tools
        • UPLEX Global, state of the art online asset auction
        • Radius Trak asset management software reduces man-hours.  Consistent format is auditor/examiner-friendly.  Preferred alternative to Excel Spreadsheets with full tracking and reporting capability that is web based, secure, and available.
      • Control and predictability
        • We create a detailed budget for taxes, insurance, management, repairs, write downs, receivership, valuation and marketability updates


  • Planned strategy for selling off remaining assets
    • You determine percentage of portfolio you want to reduce annually
    • Exposure to out of market investors
    • Platform facilitates aggregation of community banks’ assets to accommodate bulk sales
    • Radius Group provides option of creating private funds to purchase select assets using investment from local investors in your bank’s community
      • Allows profits to stay in the community
      • Properties professionally managed
      • Allows investors to invest small amounts with risk spread over several properties
  • When necessary, sale of distressed assets can be coordinated with acquisition of new bank capital
    • We have access to several capital sources for capitalizing banks that fit target criteria

Call us for a free consultation and cost analysis to determine how our Special Assets Program can benefit you.

For more information about buying or selling assets, see the Buy/Sell Assets section of our website.





Compliance Reviews

How can you learn about a “ticking compliance bomb” somewhere in your operation before it goes off?  What new compliance issues are on the horizon?  CBSS Associate, Michael Paul and his team of compliance attorneys specialize in several disciplines relevant to community banks.  They have well over 100 years of combined experience with State and Federal regulation and compliance.



  • Commercial Lending
  • Bank Operations
  • Stockholder Relations
  • CFPB Compliance
  • Residential Mortgage Lending and Servicing


Call to discuss arranging a cost-effective compliance review for your bank.  Or, better yet, outsource one or more layers of your compliance needs to CBSS.  Let the CBSS Compliance Team perform the heavy lifting, keeping abreast of regulatory changes, implementing policies and procedures to help ensure compliance.  Call us for more information.






To Build and Support Your Bank’s Sales Culture

A weak economy and conservative lending due to compliance concerns has stagnated loan growth.  How can you turn this around?  Don’t expect the same methods you have used for years to produce robust loan growth.  CBSS President, Don Macaulay has delivered double-digit growth to banks using proven methods and skills.  He coordinates a suite of services to promote a vigorous sales culture in your bank.


  • The only CRM tool you’ll need. Powerful Customer Relationship Management software for your bank’s entire team—Management, Loan Officers, Staff, and Customer Service team.   Includes training and follow-up support.  Call for a free Demo.
  • Training programs geared for your institution.
    • Sales training seminars, workshops, and follow-up refreshers









Add Other Income Sources

Not only can providing additional services to your customers, especially small businesses, increase your bottom line, it can also increase your value-added usefulness in the community and strengthen relationships.  Our partners are specialists.  Depending on your preferences, they can either help you through the process of developing new in-house products, or handle it for you as a turn key program.


  • Turn-key auto lending and servicing program
  • Merchant services
    • Credit card processing
    • Several E-commerce products
  • Turn-key receivables lending management
  • HR/payroll/accounting services to offer your bank’s small business customers
  • Wealth management
  • Securities and life insurance sales
  • Participation in commercial loans
  • Programs for attracting
    • New CD customers
    • High net worth physicians
  • Mortgage origination
  • Insurance products
  • Identity and credit protection for your customers



A ‘La Carte Services


Our Advisory Group, A Team of Experts Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Using a collaboration platform that includes dozens of seasoned bankers with hundreds of years of combined experience, our team members are able to draw from beyond their own resources when needed. Before creating a consultant team and strategy recommendation, an advisory committee will review your institution’s profile and determine an appropriate match based on its needs, budget, and location.  As bankers familiar with budget constraints, we are sensitive to the importance of delivering value. Without compromising our high standards, we employ cost-effective methods and we employ a proven cost estimation process to take the guesswork out of your budgeting.  

  • IT Solutions
  • Increasing operations efficiency
  • Outside audits
  • Risk management
    • Hedging interest rate risk
  • Due-diligennce and support for mergers and acquisition


  • Strategic Planning
    • The community bank of the future won’t necessarily look like that of the past–nor like a model envisioned by ivory tower “thinkers”.  Real-world entrepreneurs have already pioneered cutting-edge success stories.  Talk with seasoned bankers who can help you build a workable plan to write your own success story.








Conveniently Engage Select Asset Management Services Here—Often From Professionals In Your Own Community



Valuation and Inspection Products 

Our vendor partners provide the following products.  As a convenience we provide a single platform for ordering and billing.

  • Residential and commercial real estate valuations
  • Professional property inspections
  • Equipment and aircraft appraisals
  • Certified SBA SOP 50-10a business valuations


To learn more about the qualifications of our asset valuation specialists or how to use our platform to conveniently place orders, please call Virginia Cardwell  at 620-714-5004 or email her at


Insurance Products 

Lender placed insurance can be costly, but so can casualties on uninsured properties.  Virginia Cardwell, our insurance specialist has many years experience providing insurance options for financial institutions.  She will work hard to tailor an insurance program to your institutions needs from among several options.  Offer her a chance to give you a quote.

  • Lender placed hazard, liability, or flood insurance for residential and commercial properties
  • Insurance administration solutions including full insurance outsourcing
  • Mortgage impairment/errors & omissions insurance coverage for servicing/origination of loans
  • Blanket insurance products that eliminate the need to track coverage of individual properties
    • Home equity and second mortgage hazard insurance
    • Residential and commercial mortgages
    • HELOCs and condominium loans
  • Custom insurance solutions on a per property basis for properties that are difficult to insure or non-real estate collateral

To obtain a quote for any of our insurance products or to ask questions about the insurance needs of your institution,  please feel free to contact Virginia Cardwell.  Virginia is a leading specialist with many years experience caring for the insurance needs of financial institutions.  Call Virginia at 620-714-5004 or email her at




Remember that we are paid by our partners, so engaging services through us represents no additional cost to you.  While our products and services are available “a la carte“, without engaging our advisory group, often briefly consulting with one of our advisors can supply a more strategic perspective.

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